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Six of the best… gourmet coffees

Searching for a coffee shop you can rely on for your early morning caffeine fix? Look no further than Paddington Central’s thriving coffee scene.


Beany Green

4 Sheldon Square

On the canal side of Sheldon Square, Beany Green brings the best of Australian coffee culture to Paddington. Their house blend – roasted exclusively for them by The Roasting Party in Winchester – is available as an espresso, Americano, piccolo, macchiato, flat white, latte or cappuccino. If you’re hungry, take a look at some of the wonderful things they serve on charcoal toast – their shakshuka is legendary. Meanwhile its floating sister restaurants Darcie & May Green are another must-visit for long weekend brunches and evening meals served with the finest coffee. 


Black Sheep Coffee

2 Kingdom Street

A new arrival at Paddington Central, Black Sheep Coffee were the first to bring Robusta beans to their house espresso. A single origin specialty coffee from the mineral rich soils along the Bhadra river belt in India, they describe it as: “Double the caffeine, richer crema and lower acidity compared to its Arabica cousin, it features notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate”. Also serving up cold brews (with agave), smoothie bowls, beer, wine and cocktails, Black Sheep Coffee is a London start-up with a loyal and cult following – pop in to see why. 



4 Sheldon Square

In a very smart move, Pret have launched their coffee subscription service and for just £20 a month you can get your daily caffeine fix as many times as you want. Serving up excellent oat flat whites using 100% organic and 100% Arabica beans (milk alternatives are free of charge) alongside organic teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and frappes – it’s an investment worth making. 



2 Kingdom Street

Pure’s 100% Arabica coffee is ground to order and served with organic or vegan milk at no extra cost. Offering up cortados, expressos, Americanos, macchiatos, lattes and flat whites, they’re a morning essential to pick up a healthy breakfast or lunch to go. They also do an excellent line in iced lattes and Americanos. 


The Union

4 Sheldon Square

Airy and welcoming, The Union is the perfect spot for ad hoc meetings, working breakfasts and lunches and post-work drinks. With delicious food, wine and cocktails, the team are also a dab hand at great coffee with iced oat lattes on hot days, morning coffees served with waffles and smoothies and post-dinner hot and dark espressos. 



15 Sheldon Square

Open for takeout (click and collect your coffee via the Starbucks app and count up reward points to boot), Starbucks remains a coffee legend. With the Pumpkin Spice latte in season (from autumn) alongside breakout favourites including Caramel Frappuccino®, Chocolate Coffee Crunch Frappuccino® and Latte Crumbles (with added cookie crumbs), Starbucks is exactly what you need when you hit the 3pm slump.  

What’s your go-to place for coffee and what do you order? Share your favourites with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #PaddingtonCentral. 

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