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Darren Solomon: Community Manager, Storey.


Darren Solomon: Community Manager, Storey.

1. What is your connection to Paddington Central

I have the privilege of working in Paddington Central on behalf of Storey

2. Can you provide a little bit about your background

I am Black British, of Caribbean parentage from the Windrush ancestry. I was born in London but later our family moved to Jamaica just before my teenage years and we remained until I was in my late 20’s when I returned to London.

3. What does Black History Month mean to you

It is a poignant reminder of what we have been through as a people. The hardship and exploitation, the overcoming and the empowerment we have achieved. It keeps me focused on the platform our forefathers have created on which we are able to unleash our unlimited potential.

4. Would you like to make any comments on the BLM Movement

Though I am not one for political demonstrations, it hurts to the core to see the disregard with which Black Lives are treated. I see the relevance of the movement and I sincerely hope it does evoke positive change world wide.

5. What change would you like to see

I would like to live in a world where all men are treated equally. Idealistic as this might sound, greater success with this can be achieved if as a race: the human race become more united.

6. What does Representation mean to you

It all starts with unity and taking that stand and fighting for which you believe and wish to accomplish.

7. Have you been surprised at anything lately

Amidst all the protest and actions that have been taken towards police brutality towards black American men, it appears to be on the rise, rather than decreasing. One would have hoped that with the raised awareness and exposure, that there would have been a significant change for the positive, not for the negative.

8. Do you have an unusual talent

Yes. The ability to defuse a potential harmful situation and create something positive there from.

9. Do you have a favourite charity you wish more people knew about

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racist attack.

10. What inspires you

When an individual from unfavourable beginnings can surpass his own expectations and those of others to become someone of upright character and a high achiever a midst the odds dictated by his socialization.

11. What are you most proud of

My family: made complete with my 2 year old bundle of joy.